Our holiday wishes to you

8 December 2021

We’d like to say Covid19 is in the past.
But we can’t predict how long it will last.

We’d like ‘sound of silence’ to be just a song.
Not an indication that says something is wrong.

But let’s look to the future, to 2022.
Here’s a list of Lust For Live’s wishes to you.

Festivals and concerts, let’s bring them back.
We want to dance and scream like a maniac. 

Amaze your customers at your corporate event.
Your brand and our services, it is the perfect blend. 

We want your events to be the top of the game.
That’s a vision we share because we want the same. 

Let’s create memories that people won’t ever forget.
Let’s create moments people haven’t experienced yet.

Our final wish is that you may stay safe and everyone you hold dear,
And of course, merry Christmas and a happy new year. 

Best wishes from Lust For Live