L&L Stage Service is now Lust For Live

30 November 2021

A new name, a new style, a new strategy and a new market: L&L Stage Service sees it big as Lust For Live. "It may be a cliché to say that the old name could not longer carry the weight, but in this case it is really correct," said Kris Laermans, director of Lust For Live. “And this is just the tip of the iceberg.” The company from Meerhout is preparing to further expand within the European market. Step one: a new name.

Kris Laermans // Bart Weyts  // Tom Somers // Marc Verhoeven

From L&L Stage Service to Lust For Live

To say that L&L Stage Service is a well-known name in the event sector is an understatement. References such as Tomorrowland, Mamma Mia (Musical) and Gent Jazz put our name on the map. Companies such as Pfizer and BMW and, for example, DPG Media now and then call in audiovisual assistance from Lust For Live for their live events. And that demand is only expanding.

“We have been operating for about 30 years now, but our market is changing very quickly in terms of demands and needs.” explains director Bart Weyts. The covid crisis has also had a strong impact on the events sector in recent years. “You can already see the consequences worldwide. There is currently a reshuffling of the entire sector. And we are more than ready for that!”

Ready for the future…

According to Lust For Live, the time has come for the Flemish entertainment sector to take its place on the world stage. The old name L&L - in full Laermans and Laermans - was therefore replaced by Lust For Live. This name sounds more international and symbolizes the Kempen enthusiasm and drive. And Kris is proud of that: “We always say that we are going to do our best. We strive for the very best every day and extend this into our way of working. We strive for a unique experience for our customers and offer them a very personal approach. By working with passionate people and using high-quality equipment, our offer remains fresh and innovative.”